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An Industry is the way or a place where goods and services are produced. It could be anything that is manufacturing in any industry. In another words you can say that anything that is manufacturing at large scale is called industrial goods. Another definition defined the meant od industry in this way that industry is an economic activity concerned with the processing of raw material. In these industries, the raw material is converted into valuable goods. The work of industry considers the hard work which is already define in its definition by several authors. The concept of industry is to produce goods at large scale according to the requirement of consumer.

Industrial is the concept that was launched in 17 th century. It was being saying that first industry will establish inn 17 th century but due to less technology, it posts pone and the first industry launched in 18 th century. 1760 to 1820 consider the fist step journey of factories. Chemical and Manufacturing processes were at the top list and Europe was thinking to establish their industries. The main concept of establishing industry was to make goods at large scale and deliver it to people at large scale.

It was the first step of establishing industries in world and after this the entire countries start establishing new industries. After the independence of Pakistan, Pakistan launched it textile industry which made the most popular manufacturing for Pakistan. Pakistan now increasing their industrial work and for this they are launching industries at large scale. Textile industry is the ay from where Pakistan export their product and earn much through textile industries. We can estimate the achievement of Pakistan textile industry from this report that Pakistan textile industry is the 8 th largest exporter industry in Pakistan.

Industries use the concept of slavery in which employees are forced to do work. Even though the process of slavery was not good but in industries, slavery called illegal process. Employees serve their energy and in return they get payment in the shape of their monthly pay. The salary of each employee depends on the economic rate of that industry. Salary package is defined in such that way in which employees get few more benefits along with their net salary. If the performance of any employee will be good and company will get more benefit, employees will get bonus in addition which will not detect from their salary.

The entire industries work in systematic way in which different stages are defined and, on each stage, either an individual or group of individuals will work. Industry owners categorize each stage and hire employees on those positions. Salary of each employee decide according to their experience and annual effort. In each field, an officer who called foremen takes charge of its team and manage work between them. Rules are defined by the Government of Pakistan in which industries can’t get more work from employees and if they will get, employees will get addition money in this case which is called over time.