Job Designations

Designation is the post in an organization or a specific position holding by an employee or number of employees. Designation holds another definition in which it defined that designation is an action of choosing a place. The place is chosen for a special purpose or giving it a special status. Designation could be the official name, description or can be a title of some position in an organization. There could be more specific example, or we can define designation in real life through this definition that is someone being named president of an organization. Either it is private organization of government organization, there could be several designations, and, on each designation, they will hire number of employees.

The meant of designation is to specify the job nature. As a designation has a proper name so you can judge its working through its name. For example if we say electrician designation, the first thing that will come into your mind will be about wires, connections which leads to electricity.

Government organization is the one which is holding by the Government of Pakistan. In a single Government organization, there could be several designations. In a specific designation, few employees will be hired as permanent employees while other will be helper. We can define it in easy way in which we will take the example or electrician designation to specify our words. In electrician designation, there will be one head of the designation, few will be electricians who will work according to the instruction of head officer while few will be helper. The entire employees are in electrician designation but not each one is permeant of this designation.

Helpers in designations are those who are hired in order to help permanent employees. Inn electrician designation, helper will be those who are not electrician in actual, but they are the equipment provider of electricians. Helpers don’t have any permanent designation in Government sectors although their designations can vary with the passage of time. In each designation helper will serve as the helper of senior permanent employees.

In private designation, employees are hired which is initial concept of this topic although in private organizations, the opportunity of varying employees from one designation to another is not common. The employee will work at that position where it was hired, or it will downsize by the head officers of that organization. Few are more beneficial private organizations which are nor Government, but they act as a Government organization. Employees even helpers in any designation are complete safe and they can transfer from one designation to another only if they are not working properly in current organization. It is because they have wide range business and few queries are defined in their law and regulations in which they are bound to give a strict statement before downsizing any employee.