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City is the place or large settlement of human. In a country there are hundreds of cities where people have their houses, transportation, sanitations and use. In the past, people used to live together and when they realize that the strength of people at that area is increasing as well as the business is increasing too, they started calling it city. In current world, there are thousands of cities in whole world. A city normally provides local government services to those people who are living in that city, place or two. In the beginning, there was no need to establish new cities because people depend on Agriculture fields only. Although with the passage of time, it was necessary to establish and identify cities so that people may start their business at city area.

Direction or location of a city identify the main point of that city in that country where it is located. Location system identify through clockwise system in which the clock starts from North and end at North. There are four main locations including North, West, South East. It could be enough to say that a city is located in North of that country. The concept of these four directions was not enough to identify the exact location of any city as there could be hundreds of cities in the North of Pakistan or in the West of Pakistan. It was the reason of describing locations in more specific ways in which Northeast is the area between North and East, Southeast is the area between South and East, Southwest is the area between South and west and northwest is the area between West and North.

The most depth concept will cover the location of any specific city in degree system in which you have to follow the surface of degree in order to reach any specific location. Location is the process of finding location of any city in the whole world although it is followed by only those who have how know about checking location. If we look into past, we will see that finding location was not easy although they used some piece of food having a steal nail on the top of this wood. The concept of checking location was compulsory because most of the people sail from one place to another and in sea, it would be close to death if you will lose your destination point.

As the entire countries have been adopted this system and they describe their cities in location system so it is also the main systematic way of finding any city location in Pakistan as the entire locations have been described on map. Either you are going from Lahore to Karachi or Quetta to Peshawar, you can reach to your destination easily whole following the map of that city. Even though the entire villages locations is also mapped and provided online although you can follow some pre designed gadgets for checking out the location of any city.