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Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is the Principal land warfare uniformed branch of Pakistan Forced. The main responsibility of this force is to defend their country. It is pure Government job. After joining Pakistan Army, you will get a rank. There are different unites and young men have different ranks in Pakistan Army force. The retirement age in Pakistan Army is 60 however for major general and few more ranks, this service can increase. 70% force is always active on borders while the rest of the young men can call any time. In order to join Pakistan Army force, you must be loyal to your country as well as to your job too.

There is no specific place where you will be hired the entire life although you will move on and move on till you don’t get retired (This criterion is for the entire force). Pakistan Army force uses seven billon dollars for is defense in which they buy weapons and invent new was technology. It is quite small in front of other countries, but Pakistan Army force is the best one force in the whole world. Before getting job at any rank, you have to pass at least fitness test and entry test in case of higher rank.