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Gujranwala is a city in Punjab, Pakistan which is the 7th largest city in most populous metropolitan area sense. Anyways in proper sense, Gujranwala is the 5th most population city in Pakistan. Several historical stories are hidden in the history of this city. It was the city which was ruled by Sikh community. In 1963, Gujranwala became the capital of Sukerchakia Mis state and remain its capital till 1799. After that British came to this place and try to rule on this city. It was 1848 when Sikh community surrender in front of British government and Christians start their own business there.

The most famous thing of Gujranwala is clocktower which is established at the center place of this city. It was established in 1867 in order to identify the area of this city. After getting success in their aim, Muslims won this area while Sikh and Hindus went away from this place to Hindustan. Gujranwala is quite near form Lahore which is the second largest city of Pakistan. According to the map of Pakistan’s Punjab, the dialing code of this city is 055. Gujranwala covers 3,198 km2 under it and almost two million people are living in this city.