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Peshawar  is the main city of Pakistan’s Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is the capital of this province. Early history of this city touches the walls of 539 which make it one of the oldest city of Pakistan. During the region of Kushan Empire, they declared this city as the capital of their region area. After that White Huns arrived at this land and took this land under them. It was the last region ever before arriving of Muslim community. In 17th century it was a main trading center and the ruler were Mughal empire. In 1818 (18th century) Sikh community took this land and ruled on this city. As it was a beneficial land in trading sense, British Government took it under them in 1849.

Peshawar currently touching it boundary with Afghanistan or almost near to Afghan boundary. The current population of this city is one and half lack where the population of this district is almost reach to 43 lack. Peshawar consider the city of Pathan’s as most of the people living in this city belongs to Pashtu culture. Their language is Pashto although Urdu is spoken at 5% rate. The climate of this city is quite higher which reaches to 48 degree in summer season. Get the complete detail of latest jobs in Peshawar. Today’s jobs in Peshawar complete information get online. Different jobs in Peshawar are here waiting for you.