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Sahiwal is the capital and administrative center of Sahiwal district as well as Sahiwal division too. Sahiwal lies between Lahore and Multan and s very famous city due to its few products including wheat, crops, cotton, potato and tobacco. It was explored thousands of years ago but that history has been faded or have deep concepts. The noticeable thing is here that it was explored once again in 18th century by the British Government. There was nothing much in this city although it was a small railway station between Lahore and Karachi. At that time it’s name was Montgomery in the honor of Sir Robert Montgomery who was the lieutenant governor of Punjab.

The name of this city remain till the independence of Pakistan. But in 1966 it was suggested that the name will replace with Sahiwal name and Sahiwal got its new name. Currently Sahiwal is the 14th largest city of Punjab and 21th largest city of Pakistan. The climate of this city is quite good and suitable for everyone. The climate of Sahiwal district is extreme, reaching 34 °C in summer, and down to 4 °C in winter. There are currently 52 unioncouncils in this city.