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Sargodha is a city of Pakistan’s Punjab which is the 12th largest city in Pakistan. Sargodha is not only the capital of Sargodhadistrict but also an administrative center of Sargodha division. Sargodha is one from those cities in which progressing rate is increasing day by day. At initial level, Sargodha was founded in British Raj where British build a Royal Airport. British were interested in this city just because they have airport here. After the independence of Pakistan, Sargodha came under Pakistan charge and minority went away from this place.

Except British, no one ruled on this land before the independence of Pakistan. Sargodha still hold most of the training schools of Pakistan’s Airforce. Almost seven lack people are currently living in this city. In 1998, the literacy rate was too much bad but now it is increasing day by day. The most noticeable thing in this city is University of Sargodha which is the result of this city progress. Although there are almost 59 towns in this city and 22 union councils are serving this city. Sargodha Division covers 5864 kilometers square area under its hold. 048 is the dialing code of this city.