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Job is the way or earning money. Job holder is a person who work for some organization and serve that organization with its talent in exchange of payment. Job was the initial process of this world in which a person who have resources, start up some business and place employee in order to achieve its organization goals. In the beginning years of this world, each land was ruled by a king and the entire employees work under that king. Everything belonged to the king of the time who provided household requirements to its employees. With the passage of time world became more modern and start getting independency from kings. The current world is absolutely independence and people have social rights in which they can earn as much as they wat and can launch their own business.

Everyone is responsible to serve its city, country and at the top its family. Not everyone is capable to start their business. Hence few start businesses while other get job in that business. In this way, they will get help in their business and you will get pay in replacement of serving their organization.

Different types of jobs are here. If someone is computer engineer than the other one if electrical engineer. Someone is serving people as a doctor in a hospital than the other one is running business. Before getting job, you have to identify your capability. Those who are experts in job field, they said that don’t do that work for free in which you are expert. Although don’t ask for more if you are getting enough already. Don’t waste your time in explaining that how good you are although explain yourself through your working. If today you are doing job for someone then tomorrow you can hire employees in your business too. Let us make it more simplify that get a job today, learn abut your job in depth and move to next step where your business is waiting for you.

Getting a job is a complete systematic process, even it was not a systematic process but with the passage of time, it became necessary thing and converted into systematic way. Either it is a Government sector or a private sector, they will advertise if they require employees at some specific position. Those who will read this poster, they will apply for job. Applications will be collected on due date and after that they will check the classification of employees. Those who will be on merit at initial level, they will call for interview where they will be asked general questions. After passing in that interview, you will be hired at specific position.

The process of declaring any employee monthly pay is quite different in Government and Private sectors. In Government sectors, the pay will be defined before releasing its poster. Most commonly you will get pay according to designation and rank. Those who will get job in federal government, they will have little but higher pay. Anyways in private sectors, as it is running privately so your pay will be decided by the officers who will take your interview. It could happen that at the time of announcing poster, they declared six digits pay but after taking interview of employees they replace pay from six to five digits.