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Express News is an Urdu language News channel as well as it is also printed newspaper. It broadcast daily news of the country and world news which is important to deliver to people. Express Newspaper was launched by Lakson Groups of company in 2008. It was firstly launched in Karachi but later it became the newspaper of the country which is now currently broadcasting in five different countries. Currently its headquarter is in Karachi, Punjab Pakistan.  It became the newspaper of English men in the year of 2009 when this organization launched their newspaper in English language.

Notice it that it is still in National Language although printed out in English for minority. Express newspaper paper broadcast news 24/7 hours. South Asia, Middle East, America, UAE, UK, Ireland, India, Bangladesh are top listed countries in which this news channel broadcasts. The reason behind making it channel and printed paper is that few people like t listen news only while other like to read whole news in depth. Express newspaper give priority to distributing current news and events through their expert’s who describe their views in their own thoughts.

Official Website : Express.pk