Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the rights of those website owners who get personal information of their users including their name, phone number, address and mail account. It is compulsory for every website owner to make sure that their visitors are safe on their website. Anyone can be here who is trying to steal user’s data and it would be bad for website owners if someone will attack your database and will get any kind of information. The entire process called a legal document that describes who a website owner gets, store and sells data about its owners.

Our Cookies Policy

We use HTTP cookie for our visitors. In the definition of cookies, we can say that cookie is a small piece of data set from a website and stored on the user’s computer. User’s web browser is used inn this process. We are going to create under form in which you will submit your data and will login. Here we need to use cookies so that we may come to know if our user in still on our site or not? In further detail we will use cookies in order to deliver our data to you as soon as you will visit our website.

Website Content Policy

The content on Jobsguider is being taken from the local, national and international level printed newspapers like The Dawn, Daily Express News, Jang News, Daily Pakistan, Daily Dunya News, Daily Ummat, The Express Tribune, Pakistan Today, The Nawaiwaqt, Daily Usaf, The Frontier Post, Daily Khabrain, Daily Jasarat, Daily Asas, Daily Nai Baat.

Our Privacy for you

We have early defined that jobsguider will make a submission form and will update our visitors through that login form. In this case you are going to put your personal information. While staying on our site try not to afraid because jobsguider making sure that the privacy of its visitors is safe in our hand. Your address, mobile number and mail account will used for providing information to you although it will never steak form our hand. Trust is the important thing that we want or expect from our visitors and it will make our relationship meaningful. In addition, we took one more step in which we will relate your data with our database. I this case your information will relate to our personal information and we will go to peak point in order to protect our data as well as our visitor.

Third party and Ads

Google use ad and these ads will be available on our site too. In this case you can use ad blocker in order to pretend yourself from those ads. One more thing that if you will continuously visit this site or any other site likewise if you will browse site again and again, it will show captcha to make sure that you are a human. In this case just solve the captcha puzzle and browse our site again.